Humor, Political Savvy and Product Reviews: Break into the Niche when you Buy YouTube Views

YouTube gets a lot of attention. There are over 800 million unique viewers each month, surfing the various channels and subscribing to their favorites. This is a lot easier access to complete strangers and like-minded individuals than society has ever had before the Internet.

The trick is to get the attention of these like-minded people or to grab the attention of the random YouTube surfer and make them want to return to your channel and see more videos you create. So, how do you do that?

Be Different

The key to getting attention on YouTube is to have your own spin. You can be honest about a situation that people are ignoring, or you can be satirical about any subject in politics, and you are likely to gain a following. You can be funny about life’s various topics as well, and that gets positive attention. The key is to find a way to discuss or address or present that hasn’t be covered a million times over on YouTube.

Narrow down a topic, brainstorm ideas of how you want to appear to a YouTube audience and start surfing. See how many people you find that are already doing the same thing. The less you find, the better off you are.

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Balance Honesty with Crowd Pleasing Tactics

It is important to be honest with whatever approach you take for YouTube. It is fine to create fictional videos, as long as you let the audience know they are watching a work of art and not a true documentary. Setting the audience up to be tricked is not going to create a good subscriber base or make people want to watch new videos from you.

Buy YouTube Views to Get Started

Once you have a topic and have picked a method of presentation, you have your idea of style and approach and a video ready to upload, you get excited. You think you are going to reach a wide audience in no time. You upload your video and … crickets. You get a view once in a while, but nothing significant. Time goes by, and maybe you decide to upload a second video. It doesn’t get a lot of views either.

What is going wrong?

The first thing to consider is the time of day you upload your videos. Early in the week, the best time to upload is mid-afternoon. Meanwhile, on the weekends the best time to upload is early in the morning. This cuts down on the number of videos that are uploaded at the same time. It gives your video a marginally better chance of being seen.

If that doesn’t seem like the best method – to change when you upload and hope for the best – then another viable option is to get attention for your video another way. That means you decide to buy YouTube views and get your video boosted through views that are arranged. This strategic move increases chances of going viral and helps garner attention from the real viewers. It is well worth the money to give your video a chance to catch attention. From there, it can build on its own merit.