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5 Reasons to Use a Stifle Brace for Dogs

A stifle brace is one of many types of braces that you can use on your pet after he’s experienced an injury with his leg. Some pet owners use these supports so they can avoid surgery with their pet, and oftentimes, they do make it possible to skip surgery. Some pet owners use them after the surgery to improve healing time. In either situation, use of a stifle brace for dogs is beneficial and a good decision for many. Here are five of many reasons that you should consider using this type of support if your dog has sustained a leg injury.

stifle brace for dogs

1- Improves Healing Time

A brace can improve the healing time for your pet’s injury, enabling him to get back to physical activity sooner, and with the same strength as he had pre-injury. He would say thank you, if only he could. If you want your pet up and at ’em again quicker, this product is the weapon he has to fight back with.

2- Custom Made for Your Dog

Custom made braces for your pet ensure that it fits your pooch the way that it is supposed to fit. It is then comfortable for your dog, and ready to provide the benefits that the dog needs to recover. Don’t assume that you cannot afford the costs of this product simply because it is custom made for your pet, because the truth is, a brace is reasonably priced.

3- Peace of Mind

Yet another reason to use the stifle brace on your pet is the peace of mind that it brings your way. You love your pet like he is a part of the family, so when he’s been injured, you want him to heal as quickly as possible. Thankfully, the brace makes that happen and you get the peace of mind you’ve been waiting for.

4- Prevent Surgery

An ACL tear is painful, but it is also commonly experienced in dogs that are active and running about frequently. When the tear occurs, surgery is oftentimes the first option recommended, but it could be something as simple as using a brace that staves off the need for surgery. This saves money and worry since there’s always risk when surgery is performed.

5- Increased Comfort

When your dog is injured, a leg brace can help alleviate some of the pain that is brought on. As a pet owner, this is important because you hate the thought of your pet being in any type of pain. When a brace is on the leg, less pain is always a benefit.

Dog Braces for Your Pet

The five reasons above to use a leg brace on your dog are only some of the many reasons why it is ideal to use the product after your dog has been injured. There are many additional reasons to the five that we’ve listed, but do you really need any more convincing that a dog leg brace is beneficial?